Our Story


From a young age body positivity has been an ongoing struggle of mine.  The daily battle of not accepting and loving my body as I should and instead trying to look like someone else. The uncomfortable feeling of looking into the mirror and the predictable black outfits whilst admiring friends and colleagues in their fashion statement pieces, are a few of the issues that consumed my mind and supressed my confidence.

Until one morning during the pandemic I woke up and decided it was time for a change!

I started to exercise on a regular basis for my mental health, as opposed to weight loss and I surprised myself as to how much I enjoyed each session, the confidence I was gaining and how much I was learning to accept my body.

At the age of 40, I can finally say out loud that I am happy in myself, and I love my body!

Taking from inspirations I have encountered along my journey I decided I wanted to help other like-minded individuals to become more confident and happier in their skin, whilst also playing my part in protecting the future of our planet.

With this mission in mind Ful:Ki was born.  A brand which symbolises Powerful, (products & mind), alongside a Kind ethos, (to ourselves and the planet).

We have started by creating activewear that allows you to feel comfortable while striving to become your best self.  We are aiming to provide activewear to support all shapes and sizes whilst doing our bit to protect the environment.

This is just the beginning and we cannot wait to see what the future brings Ful:Ki. 

Be Powerful & Be Kind
Katie Ireland, Founder